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Those who succeed understand the strategy of the game...

My name is Stuart Arnold, the founder of Strategic Planning Specialists (SPS), and I will be your go-to guy for questions and project inquiries going forward. Here is a brief overview of what SPS impacts and what we will do for you:
What we do:
Strategic and Tactical Planning

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Professional Writing

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Web Content Development

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Marketing and Communications

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Customer Relations

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How SPS works...
...going forward strictly depends on our agreed objective and how can we best plug-and-play as a unit to make it happen. I do not believe in cookie-cutter resolutions to your marketing, communications, public relations or advertising challenges and will not sell or market services to your business that you do not need.
Who are SPS clients?
Our clients have run the range from a family-owned, small town electronics store that did not know how to define and market its value proposition or how to address local competition, to a $200 million-plus utility that required indepth assistance to manage deteriorating customer relationships and perceptions. My personal passion is for helping small businesses grow, but I understand how big business works. A wise man taught me that most times a “big business” is merely a collection of small businesses under one roof and most challenges can be resolved by keeping this perspective top-of-mind.
If you are...
an entrepreneurial small business owner, an executive of a multi-million dollar corporation, or somewhere comfortably between and you suspect I may be able to help your company – the next step can be as simple as a conversation over a cup of coffee. I look forward to meeting you. Let's get something done.
Start Up Sessions
Board Presentations


”Stuart Arnold is a top-shelf guy and a consummate professional. I have never worked with a more focused, enthusiastic, practical, and knowledgeable marketing expert. His people skills, creativity, and vision for your organization make him a game-changing asset. Without question, I give Stu my highest, unqualified recommendation.”
Eric Dobson, Ph.D. Angel Capital Group
"Stuart facilitated the effort for our company to update its strategic and marketing plans and did an excellent job for us. We brought our Kentucky and Florida division directors and department supervisors in for several days of planning and Stuart did a great job of keeping us on track and on task. The result was a fresh strategic plan that our team was very excited about and a marketing plan that re-focused our priorities and resources on the best opportunities. In a time where competition in the vast majority of industries is fierce, Stuart helped our company to think outside the box and to explore ways in which we can differentiate ourselves from our competition. Stuart’s information and knowledge that he passed on to our organization has enabled us to endure and excel in an aggressive business climate as well as to shape and plan the future of our company."
Josh Branscum Branscum Construction

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