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Vice President, Growth Development Associates

Naples, Florida - Residence: Lexington, Kentucky

Reed Farley is a senior consultant and vice president with Growth Development Associates, a Naples, Florida based consulting firm that works with companies who desire to achieve record level sales.

Reed spent 18 years with IBM beginning as a sales representative and he subsequently held positions of educational instructor, marketing manager, district manger and national sales manager.

In 1991, he left IBM and was named national sales manager with the spin-off organization that would become Lexmark International Incorporated (1992). At Lexmark, he held a number of senior management positions including Area General Manager, Vice President of Sales, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He retired from Lexmark in 1998.

In 1999 Reed joined the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, a quasi-league office and trade association for the Thoroughbred horse industry. He was named as Sr. Vice President of Industry Development and Technology as well as Executive Director, The Greatest, an internet initiative designed to attract and educate prospective Thoroughbred horse owners. During this timeframe, and for several years later, he owned and operated RAF Thoroughbreds, a small business focusing on racing and breeding of Thoroughbred horses.

In 2004, Reed was appointed by the Governor of Kentucky as a commissioner of the Kentucky Horse Park. He has previously served on the boards of directors of United Cerebral Palsy of Dallas, United Cerebral Palsy of Houston and Equisource LLC, a buying consortium for the horse racing industry.Reed holds both an undergraduate and MBA from Pace University in New York and currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky.

Areas of focus and expertise:

  • Pipeline - 5x quota…identify & activate.
  • The Sales Call – get it right…every time! Success is not an accident.
  • Value – every person in the organization can articulate your value proposition in terms of the customer’s problem.
  • Maximize the account – once you own it, really own it.
  • Management planning, strategy, coaching & development
  • Sales Culture – ensure the same results on every call…regardless of who makes the call.
  • “Main Tent” speaking….sales oriented, motivational and tailored for each audience.
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