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Those who succeed understand the strategy of the game...

Does your business have a "living" strategic plan and a parallel tactical plan?  Is it up-to-date and does it adequately reflect the market turmoil of the last few years?  Do your key personnel understand your org's strategic objectives, let alone its Mission and Vision?  If not, then your org is in the position of reacting to the market (and the competition) versus responding.  If you depend on a team, it really doesn't matter if you know the answers to the questions above.  If the team doesn't get it then they can actually slow your progress, if not accelerate you in a direction you'd rather not go.  A living strategic and tactical plan allows you to sail your ship where you want it to go with everyone on board - not just float along with the current.

SPS will work with you to create a new roadmap for your organization and develop the methodology to effectively communicate it  to your key staff and associates.

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