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”Stuart Arnold is a top-shelf guy and a consummate professional.  I have never worked with a more focused, enthusiastic, practical, and knowledgeable marketing expert.  His people skills, creativity, and vision for your organization make him a game-changing asset.  Without question, I give Stu my highest, unqualified recommendation.”

Eric Dobson, Ph.D. – CEO Angel Capital Group


"Every time someone mentions Stuart's name I say, 'Stuart Arnold is THE MARKETING GURU.' I have never encountered anyone with such vast knowledge and expertise of marketing, but every aspect that touches marketing, including branding, advertising, social media, public relations and more. From concept to results...he gets the job done."

Bridgett Turner-Gambrel – general manager, Forcht Broadcasting


"I recently attended Stuart Arnold's talk on marketing a small business. I walked away with a better and clearer understanding of what it really means to market my business. The material Stuart shares is comprehensive, but what most impressed me during the talk that night was his passion and his presentation method. He breaks down the material in such a way where a layman like myself can easily grasp and implement the concepts immediately. His method is not an esoteric regurgitation of 'pitching' a product, but rather an interactive talk between he and you. It's informative, instructional and concise.

"Anyone can pick up a 'sales method' book, and there are plenty on the market, but what makes Stuart's presentation unique, interesting, and most of all useful, is he speaks the language of people - not salesmen. In fact, Stuart is not a 'salesman' - he is a marketing mentor. Within 20 minutes of interacting at his seminar, you'll feel like you're getting an education that money can't buy. You'll not only improve your sales, you'll improve your understanding of your business."

Jeff Powell – owner, Brie's Brews


"Stuart facilitated the effort for our company to update its strategic and marketing plans and did an excellent job for us.  We brought our Kentucky and Florida division directors and department supervisors in for several days of planning and Stuart did a great job of keeping us on track and on task. The result was a fresh strategic plan that our team was very excited about and a marketing plan that re-focused our priorities and resources on the best opportunities.  In a time where competition in the vast majority of industries is fierce, Stuart helped our company to think outside the box and to explore ways in which we can differentiate ourselves from our competition.  Stuart’s information and knowledge that he passed on to our organization has enabled us to endure and excel in an aggressive business climate as well as to shape and plan the future of our company."

Josh Branscum – Branscum Construction


“We are most grateful for your presentation at our graduation program. It was energizing and received high marks from our Ky. Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute (KECI) participants. I thought your presentation was illuminating and very well done. The whole experience at KECI was extremely valuable for everyone, especially were motivated and all about sharing.””

Ron Hustedde – Director, Kentucky Entrepreneurial Institute / University of Kentucky

Jerry Smith – Director, Delta Center for Economic Development / Arkansas State University


“Stuart was invaluable in helping us write and edit our case studies, white papers and general content…as well as re-design the content architecture for our website.  He kept us focused on our intent and core message to better position our updated business model.  Stuart was a great help to us…and an outstanding asset.”

Jay Pittard – CEO EaseCap Financial Solutions


"I can't understate the value that Stuart and his SPS advisors has contributed to the effort of bringing my new product to market.  He has worked side-by-side with me in dealing with the product development company, coordinated all our marketing materials, packaging, photography, writing, website content and more.  I am always in the loop on every activity...and I am confident that every aspect of my product and investment is being handled by a pro...."

J. Hunter – Bullpup Unlimited


"Stuart's strength lies in his ability to understand the daily challenges a small business faces and then use his knowledge and experience to plan a cohesive and effective strategy. I have seen Stuart work his way through several complicated, even dire, client situations to find a path to success. He is a professional who possesses a unique combination of optimist and realist...and is one of few people I have worked with who truly understands the meaning and importance of the word "strategic."

Rex McDonald, Ph.D. – CEO Praxis Innovations


"I listened to Stuart speak at a small business conference and what he had to say spoke directly to me and the challenges I was facing with my small electronics business.  Within one year my store was the market leader and my closest competitor wanted to sell his business to me.  Stuart is an innovative and out-of-the-box thinker...his enthusiasm for making my small business successful renewed my own excitement."

J. Collins – High Voltage Electronics


"In his sessions, Stuart has proven very effective at engaging participants and helping them stretch their normal modes of thinking to new, productive places. I would definitely recommend him as an effective resource for any company.” 

K. Norvell – program manager, Ky. Small Business Development Council


“I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done for the clients that I have sent your way and for the passion and professionalism that you have shown in working with entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Your understanding of the market, strategic thinking skills, and relationship building nature has been a real plus for us and it would be my pleasure to continue our working relationships. Count us as a referral source and potential customer going forward.”

B. Wilson – entrepreneur development coach


“My company needed direction and focus....  Stuart defined and created that for us in a matter of a few days. We were very impressed with his effort and methods...his effort saved us thousands of dollars....”

K. Carroll, president - Kelaco Properties


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