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Those who succeed understand the strategy of the game...

The foundation of any effective and impactful marketing, communications, public/customer relations effort is having a plan to a desired end.  

Maybe you are reading this because of a frustration with poor results in one or more of these areas. Are your sales lagging?  Have you lost momentum?  Is the competition eating your lunch?  Is the market just not "getting" your message?  If this is the case, then I would suggest what you need to do is re-visit the foundation, but this time from a Strategic Planning perspective. 

As the famous Lewis Carroll quotation from Alice in Wonderland goes, "If you don't know where you are going, then any road will take you there!" Too many businesses and organizations wander down the path of partial-versus-purposeful planning and unnecessarily compromise their future success. Jim Rohn, one of the world's leading motivational speakers, philosophers and entrepreneurs, is credited with what I consider to be a simple yet inspirational and foundational truth: "Part of success is preparation on purpose."

It is important to understand that I'm talking to you right where you are.  It doesn't matter the size business you own or manage, the concepts, principles and value in Strategic Planning remain true. 


What type of organizations benefit from Strategic Planning?

Any for-profit business or non-profit org that is concerned with improved performance against competition and/or budget projections and expectations.

What are the primary benefits of Strategic Planning?

•  Establishes and defines a direction with goals, expectations and action steps within a timeline.

•  Provides a roadmap the entire org can understand, relate to and rally behind.

•  Provides the foundation for impactful assessment and/or metrics that can guide future course corrections.

•  Fosters cohesiveness between leadership, associates and board members through a common direction.

•  Allows for continuity through changes in executives, associates and board membership.

Why use an "outside" facilitator?

•  An experienced facilitator can help keep this important process from becoming little more than an extended staff meeting with little impact.

•  Facilitated sessions are based on a methodology built from successful outcomes and geared to challenge the organizational status quo and its conventional thinking.

•  Facilitation is an excellent deterrent to typical in-house pitfalls, such as the majority of the discussion being hijacked by a few dominant personalities, or a discussion topic taking much more than its allotted, or deserved, time.

Also, objective perspectives from outside the organization can often uncover or provide a new point of focus for easily overlooked synergies.  Many times enabling the client to overcome the common problem of "We can't see the forest for the trees" is the most valuable contribution I can make!

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